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How to Increase Amazon Feedback? - Amazon Reviews Boost

Amazon is the largest marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Millions and billions of businesses happen every year through Amazon. But it is a bit difficult for a newbie to start on this eCommerce platform. The most significant hurdle that most of the sellers face is how to increase Amazon feedback. This article will guide you about getting more and, most importantly, positive feedback sentences from your customers.

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How to Increase Customers' Feedback on Amazon

Getting more reviews and feedback from your customers is very important. More reviews show that you're a credible seller, and new customers can trust you. They also help you get more clients in the future as well. Here are six tips that boost Amazon Customer feedback.

1- Email strategy

Most of the time, customers don't like to review their shopping immediately. But, they can be ready to give their opinion after using the products. The best and proven method to get their feedback is by emailing them. Studies show that almost 15 to 25% of customers leave reviews after receiving emails about giving honest feedback.

Sending email never means that you should force your clients. Instead, make a humble request to ask what they feel about the shopping experience. Keep in mind that giving the incentive to get reviews or feedback is totally against the Amazon guidelines. So, ensure to provide high-quality services that help your customers and win more feedback.

2- Understand your Clients

Understanding customers' pain points and adding value in their lives through your service always win the heart of buyers. Never ignore the importance of a fast response when your buyer asks any question.

Be prompt to solve the problem if your buyer is confused about something. Even if the customer's attitude is too rude, you have to ignore it and be patient to ensure that he is satisfied with the services you provide. The happy customers love sharing their experiences.

3- Be honest no matter if you're in loss or profit

Have you ever felt happy by the originality and honesty of the seller during shopping? All the buyers want to know the actual value of the product they buy. Telling them about the drawbacks rather than flattering specific features can make a positive impression on the client. They start thinking that you understand their needs, and they start building harmony.

It's more like making your customer satisfied to get his feedback on Amazon. Being honest helps in both ways; it uplifts your moral values and makes the client trustful about you. They will not only buy your product but also leave positive Amazon reviews.

4- Be fast when it comes to shipping

One of the prominent reasons buyers don't leave a review or give negative feedback is the failure of on-time shipment and delivery. Late delivery makes the customers disappointed and annoyed. Make a proper system around you to ensure that no freight will be delayed.

Even if any delivery is delayed mistakenly, you must contact the buyer to inform him of the exact situation. Be in touch with him to show your credibility. Being in contact and updating him about the delivery status creates a friendly relationship between buyer and seller, leading to positive feedback on Amazon.

5- Accept Returns

If the buyer received a damaged product and wants a refund or replacement of that specific product, you should never hesitate to replace the broken or faulty product. We've seen many bad reviews just because the seller was not ready to refund or replace.

Profit and loss both walk together. But satisfying one buyer brings more, and more brings success. So make sure that if your customer contacts you for a replacement, welcome him. Your good deed will compel him to give you positive Amazon feedback.

6- Remind them by writing on the shipment packs

The most underrated strategy to boost Amazon feedback is reminding your customers by writing on their parcel with your signature. Buyers usually are less motivated to leave reviews if they are happy with the product and are more likely to share their shopping if their experience is on the opposing side.

If they like or dislike your product, they will leave an honest review if you remind them by writing them on their parcel. Don’t even worry if their feedback is negative. All you should work to get feedback.

Why is Amazon Feedbacks Important?

Feedbacks or reviews from buyers decide the failure and success of any store operating on the Amazon platform. New buyers always look at the previous work through the reviews of previous clients. If they do not find any feedback, they move back and choose someone to buy the product.

Having reviews, especially positive feedback, encourages the new customers to trust you. Secondly, the algorithm of Amazon is built in such a way that it promotes those sellers who have positive and more reviews. Getting a boost from the Amazon algorithm means more business. So make sure that you never compromise on getting feedback from your clients. Use every possible way to win a review.

Never Breach the Amazon Guidelines

Amazon is a well-organized platform, and any misbehaving can be captured easily. Manipulating the Amazon guidelines and asking buyers to review for any specific incentive is illegal. Multiple guys sell Amazon feedback services to give you fake reviews.

You should always avoid such unlawful activities. If you commit illegal and immoral stuff, you will be punished immediately.

Asking for honest feedback without giving any incentive is legal. Ensure that you use the proper email channel to request your customers leave their feedback or opinion on the product they bought.

How to deal with negative reviews?

Getting reviews is essential, no matter if they are positive or negative. Even if you get negative feedback, don't worry about taking them as constructive criticism to improve your product quality. Keep in mind that unhappy customers allow you to learn.

The most crucial strategy you must use to increase Amazon feedback is emailing your customers to leave reviews. Trust us; if a customer finds your product valuable, he will respond by giving his feedback. All the ways that can bring more reviews are explained. We hope our guide will help you in sustaining your eCommerce business.

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