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What Is Amazon Seller Feedback?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Amazon seller feedback is a reference in determining your performance chart on Amazon. Although Amazon feedback algorithms are not well known, the higher your product rank, the better Amazon seller feedback chart you have.

If you can set up your strategies for Amazon seller feedback, your sales will increase and your brand will stand out. If you gain brand awareness, your products will be displayed first by consumers.

Amazon uses a seller feedback system to provide consumers with reliable sellers. However, most sellers cannot distinguish between product review and seller feedback.

This causes store reviews to appear in the comments, and product reviews in the seller feedback section.

Feedbacktor is an application that you can use to control Amazon feedback, reach your customers instantly and increase your sales. How to get Feedback on Amazon? If you want to learn more about it, you can read the content we wrote about it.

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How Is It Different from Product Reviews?

Amazon product reviews specifically cover reviews and user reviews about your products. The Amazon seller feedback system regularly monitors and evaluates the performance of sellers on Amazon.

If you, as a seller, take your product reviews into account and fulfill your customers' requests, you will increase your Amazon feedback score. Therefore, do not forget to be in constant communication with your customers and respond to their messages.

Amazon users constantly read and follow product reviews when evaluating brands. It also quickly decides whether the seller is good or bad based on Amazon feedback rating.

If your customer wants to leave you feedback, they return to Amazon's order page and go to the purchase process and write their review. This approved evaluation is seen in the feedback section of the performance metric.

At the same time, when your customer wants to evaluate your product, he clicks the product evaluation button and writes the desired evaluation about the product he bought.

You have to be very careful because Amazon feedback from a single user will also affect your potential customers. With the help of Feedbacktor's professional system, you should reach your customers' requests instantly and give them the answer they expect.

90 Days for Amazon Feedback

Amazon users have 90 days from order date to leave feedback, comments or ratings on a seller. 90 days is a pretty long time to do product reviews.

The customer gets a chance to experience the product after receiving it. For this reason, if there is any complaint about the product within 90 days, it gives immediate feedback and affects your feedback score.

Seller feedback rating is the average of feedback received from Amazon users. You can find this average on your Amazon seller hub homepage.

Amazon has some authority over product rating feedback. For example, offensive comments that contain insults will be removed. Sharing personal information is not correct.

Reviews such as price ratings and promotional content are also removed by Amazon. Amazon protects you from accusations that could negatively affect your store rating as a seller.

However, objective evaluations about the product you sell affect your store score. It always stops at the product reviews section. That's why you should strive for your products to receive high comments and evaluations.

Amazon Seller Feedback Is Important for Competition

Improving your Amazon seller feedback rating and following will increase your chances against high competition. Amazon is an online shopping program with a very large and high user rate. That's why competition on Amazon is so intense.

Amazon seller feedback rating positively impacts your customers. In order to get positive feedback from your customers, you must pay attention to some points.

First of all, you need to deliver the product to the consumer on time. Early delivery will delight your customer. When consumers buy a product, they want it to arrive very quickly. That's why you need to improve your delivery options.

Be sure to optimize your product lists. The feedback score increases if you provide accurate and clear information about the products you sell. You must provide written and visual information about your products that are clear and give information about every detail. The consumer does not buy a product that he does not fully understand.

Automate returns and refunds. The Amazon algorithm makes returns and refunds easy to satisfy their customers. It automates these practices by developing different policies. If you want to get a high feedback score as a seller, you must comply with these policies.

Be Kind and Ask for Feedback

After sending the product to your customer, you can request a review of the order on Amazon. So you can use buyer-seller messaging.

With this system, you can find out what your customer thinks about you by asking polite questions about their ordering experience. You can ask him to give feedback.

Customer experiences and feedback are important to your store's reputation. It is possible to increase your feedback points by improving your sales strategies.

Negative feedback appears on your page as well as positive feedback. This affects the purchasing status of your potential customers. The higher your Amazon seller feedback rate, the better it is for you.

Amazon seller feedback score is very important to increase your sales. Therefore, if you want to keep your feedback score high, you can rely on Feedbacktor's professionalism.

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